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Tuning In- Ingles Information Aisle

For almost 12 years, I have been hosting the Ingles Information Aisle that airs Saturday mornings on News Radio 570AM in Asheville. I record these shows in studio on Wednesdays and they typically feature guests or question and answer segments about food, nutrition and health. You can listen live to the show on or the iheart app. 

Podcasts of my interviews are also online at Here are some of my favorites that you might enjoy: 

·     Dr. Hal Herzog, Psychology Professor Emeritus at Western Carolina University talks about the relationship between humans and animals, why some people choose to go meat-free and why vegans and vegetarians often resume eating meat

·     Jamie Ager of Hickory Nut farm discusses raising cattle and pigs and growing the Hickory Nut Gap Farm brand

·     Sherry Coleman Collins, Dietitian for the National Peanut Board, explains about allergies and early introduction of peanuts, and

·     Dr. Tim Caulfield, health law professor, author and speaker, offers insight about taking advice from celebrities when it comes to our health. 

When I don't have guests, I typically turn the show into a question and answer format and share answers to some of the questions I get about food, health and nutrition. If you have questions that you'd like to have answered please visit