My mother lives down the street from us. When she first put an offer on a house literally three houses from ours, my husband and I had some serious discussions. Would it be too close? Would we feel like she was living with us? But with four children going in twelve different directions, we need the extra hands (and wheels). 

We decided to encourage her to move in, and she’s been down the road from us for the past four years. It has been the most amazing gift my family has ever received. We pop over to see each other often, but we can’t see each other’s houses to know if someone is home or not. We often run into “Mickie,” as she’s called, walking through the neighborhood. And best of all, my kids can call her and run straight to her house – as soon as they’re out of my sight, they’re in hers. 

We often end up with several activities on the same night. My daughter will have baton practice, my oldest son something with scouts, and the younger two will need to be getting into bed, so it’s a benefit that she can tote kids from place to place and help us out. I don’t know how other families cope without a grandma down the road.

My mom and I also run errands together or for each other. At least once a week one of us calls, “I’m heading to the store. Need anything?” I might need bread, she might need coffee, but often it’s met with, “Give me five minutes, I’ll go with you!”

Even my husband admits the benefits. If I’m out of town and something comes up for him, she’s there. And we’ve even mowed each other’s lawns in the summers. Who wouldn’t love that?

Some people cringe when I say my mom lives down the road, but it truly has been the biggest blessing not only to my children, but to my husband and me as well. I hope it has been for her, too. 

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