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Business Profile: Get gear and get fit at C.O.RE. Grow Strong

Currie Gossett is well suited for her business. As an athlete and someone who used Pilates to get through a back injury, she wants to extend a love of fitness to her customers at C.O.RE. Grow Strong, a shop that is part athletic apparel boutique and part fitness studio. 

Gossett was an athlete at Mauldin High School and Wofford College. After living in Charlotte, Gossett came back to the Upstate ready to translate her experiences into a way to boost the fitness of others. She is now a mom a two preschoolers.

“In Charlotte, that’s where I really became aware of boutique fitness,” she said. 

Gossett found that she was willing to pay for quality, both in workout clothing and fitness instruction. And she isn’t the only one.

“It’s an investment in my health,” she said. 

The name of the studio reflects what Gossett hopes to impart to customers: Confidence, Optimism, Resilience, Energy.

“I wanted to create a place that makes everybody happy – where you leave feeling like a better version of yourself,” she said. “I wanted to put a lot of heart into it versus just opening a store.”

Gossett was pregnant with her youngest child and she and her husband were renovating their home in Greenville while she was laying the foundation for what her store would be, including buying the clothing she would stock. 

“We were living in a back room with leggings coming out of our eyeballs,” she said. “Boxes and boxes just kept coming to the house.”

The store’s location at 1 N. Main St. in downtown Greenville puts her right in the middle of the action.

“I honestly feel like all the positive energy I put in this for 3 or 4 years just manifested itself in this,” she said. 

Currently, the studio holds signature classes and hosts other programs as well, including Barre3, Southern Om, Club Pilates and others. Gossett also holds pop up apparel shops at home parties and at other fitness studios. The crossover is important to her.

“There are a lot of great options and the fitness community is growing,” she said. “That’s good for everybody.”

As her business grows, Gossett expects to create a larger vision.

“We’re still so new in this space that I am figuring it out,” she said. “It’s a learning experience. We want to create a fun, easy place – a happy place.”

Learn more at https://www.coregrowstrong.comand