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New children's book aims to teach young girls, teens about self-worth

Bright colors, a positive message and bilingual text are the hallmarks of a new children’s book written by Katrina Michele Gregory, founder of the Upstate nonprofit Ladylike Enterprises, Butterfly Outreach.

“Pretty to See, Hard to Catch” will launch at a sold-out event at Greer City Hall, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. June 23.

Gregory’s outreach focus is on teaching young girls, teens and women about self-worth and self-respect. The book reinforces that. 

“No matter if you’re young or old, there is always going to be something about you that you don’t like,” she said. “You have to embrace it and run with it.”

The book features a young girl (a butterfly) who has green skin. The text is in both English and Spanish throughout the book. 

“When you pick up this book, I don’t want you to see color,” she said. “I’m here to touch and change the lives of everyone. Even though it’s a kids’ book, I think everyone can say, ‘I was placed on earth for a reason.’”

Gregory plans to share the book with groups, Girl Scout troops, dance classes, churches, classrooms and more. It will fit in with her speaking engagements through Butterfly Outreach.

“My nonprofit is an outreach for girls ages 2 – 99,” she said. “It’s a proactive outreach.”

Gregory said organizations often respond after women are experiencing difficulties in life. She works to head them off before they start. Part of her focus is on discussing relationships, finding your purpose and loving yourself. 

 Learn more at, (beginning June 22) “Pretty to See, Hard to Catch” will be available on Amazon beginning June 23.