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Eat Right: Kicking Up your Condiment Game

Most of all of us grew up with the ubiquitous trinity of condiments: mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup (catsup). We learned to identify them by color before we even knew their names – white, yellow and red. One or more of these condiments were slathered on our sandwiches, drizzled on hot dogs or heaped on hamburgers. They could also be employed in a variety of recipes from dips and salad dressings to casseroles.

Good news, there are lots more options now, especially if you like a little spice. Take a stroll around the aisles of your local Ingles Market, especially in the International section and you’ll find some fun new flavors that will add some interest to not only sandwiches but eggs, ground meat for meat loaf, seafood, beans, rice and tofu.  

Sriracha Mayonnaise – Many of us have heard of sriracha sauce, the spicy Asian chili sauce that is a common fixture in Korean, Asian and often sushi restaurants. What happens when you mix sriracha with mayonnaise? You get some of the spice but more spreadability. This makes it perfect for fish tacos or to drizzle on your homemade sushi. You can buy pre-made sriracha mayonnaise or make it yourself by combining the two condiments. 

Gochujang – A fermented Korean chili paste, it has also been called Korean Ketchup. This sauce offers a complex sweet and tart flavor along with umami (often described as a “meaty” flavor). This sauce would be great on wings, ribs or in rice bowls with pork or a firm tofu.  

Harissa – A Moroccan or Tunisian hot chili pepper paste, this condiment often has a slightly chunkier texture similar to a thick pasta sauce. Add it to roasted vegetables, especially potatoes, and grilled fish or meat. 

Nutrition Note: When buying condiments, always check the sodium amount and added sugar. Try and keep sodium at 240 mg or less per serving and look to make sure added sugar or grams of sugar is 5 grams or less per serving – and stick to the serving size.