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Children's book aims to help with the loss of a pet

Losing a pet can mark a sad and powerful milestone in a child’s life. A new book aims to help little ones see that life can be filled with joy once again. 

Melissa Lyons, author of two children’s books on grief and loss, said her first book, “I Will Always Love You,” came out of something bigger than herself. That story was written to bring peace and comfort to children who have lost someone they love.

Lyons’ second book, “Until We Meet Again: From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet,” stems from her own childhood experiences with losing animals and the profound effect that loss can have for years to come. She grew up on a farm and had all kinds of animals. She also experienced a great deal of loss as a result. 

“I didn’t realize that I carried it with me,” she said. “It was this hyperawareness probably 40 years later.”

The book is a positive message for children at a difficult time in their lives.

“It speaks to following your dreams and self-love – it’s not about grief,” Lyons said. “It’s about living with hope and joy.”

Lyons said the message of the book encourages children to be kind to themselves. When parents feel their child is ready, reading the book (or hearing it read to them) allows children to explore their feelings.

“You want to give something and you want to help,” Lyons said. “Sometimes you don’t have the right words, or it might not even be the right time for words. Every situation is so unique. For me, it’s gratitude. We’re so lucky that we had the time we had – look at how he or she loved us know matter what. Take the positive aspects of the life of that animal and say, this is how we all should live.”

Lyons is the mother of two adult daughters and now has two dogs and a cat. She said she didn’t get pets for her daughters until they were teenagers.

“I know now that it’s because of what I went through as a child,” she said. 

Though the book is meant for children, Lyons said she has discovered that it is impacting adults as well.

“The inner child in us comes out when our child is hurting,” she said. “It’s part of our growth as parents. It still hurts.”

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