Upstate Parent contributor Allison Wells is bringing history – and a love story – to life in her book, “War-Torn Heart,” available March 20.

This Christian historical romance will have some familiar locations for Upstate readers.

“It is about a young woman who lives in the Upstate of South Carolina,” Wells, a Clemson University graduate, said. “She lives in the shadow of Clemson College. It’s 1941. She has a lot of younger siblings and she is looking back at her childhood and wondering what’s next.”

Just before the country’s entry in to World War II, Abby, the young woman meets and “falls in like” with a Clemson cadet, Harvey Nicholas. Wells said the story made her editor cry.

“She called it a ‘Kleenex-box book,’” Wells said.

Finding the time to write is a challenge, Wells said. In addition to her work for Upstate Parent, she is the mother of four, a Girl Scout leader and more.

“I find that I write a lot at night,” she said. “It’s all about prioritizing. When you’re a mom, it’s really hard to make time for yourself. Dishes sit in the sink. Laundry doesn’t get put away. You have to carve out time. Some days it doesn’t happen. It probably takes me three years to write one book, because life.”

Wells has actually completed four books, but “War-Torn Heart” is the first to be published. She finished it in 2010. Wells has written a sequel, which hopefully will publish later this year.

Faith is an important part of Well’s life and that is reflected in the characters she creates.

“I do try to write something with a faithful stance,” Well said. “I don’t think it’s preachy. It’s a part of the lives of my characters, so it’s in there.”

“War-Torn Heart” is published by Ambassador International and is available for preorder from Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

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