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Spartanburg artist releases lullaby album

Erin Galloway makes beautiful music.

Galloway, who lives in Spartanburg, studied music education at Furman University. She put her considerable talent and training to use when she began singing to her own children. Now she has made the leap to recording with “Time for Sleep: Lullabies New and Old,” a compilation of 12 peaceful songs designed to help children – and their parents – end the day in a peaceful, quiet way.

“I’m actually a piano teacher,” Galloway said. “I have two young kids – they’re 6 and 4. Two years ago, I had the idea to record some nighttime music for them. I wanted to record what I normally sing for them.”

Galloway’s friends wanted a copy of her recording and she decided to make it public. Because some of the songs she had hoped to include were under copyright restrictions, she decided to try her hand at writing music for the compilation.

“I hadn’t written music before at all,” she said. “About half of the songs on the album are original.”

Galloway also played piano and wrote all of the arrangements.

“I just never thought I could write music, so it’s been a nice discovery,” she said. “I just grew up in a really musical family. My mom was a music teacher and my dad is a musician. We’ve always gotten together as a family and harmonized together. I hope to pass that on to my kids and I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.”

Galloway’s husband, Travis, became a part of the project by designing the cover art. She hopes to continue the momentum she has created by writing instrumental songs and producing them herself.

“I’ve written non-children’s songs now that I hope to put on an album.”

Galloway often makes up songs at her children’s request – something she said parents can do even if they don’t think they can sing well.

“My son used to be picky about what he wanted to hear at night,” she said.

Sometimes he would pick a subject for her instant creation, like dinosaurs.

“I would make it up on the spot and it wouldn’t be good at all, but he loved it,” Galloway said. “Even if you think you aren’t in tune, your kids are in love with your voice. Your voice is really a comfort to them.”

Find “Time for Sleep: Lullabies New and Old” for download on The CD is available at Hub City Bookshop in Spartanburg and as an MP3 download or CD-RP from Learn more at

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