Katie Cruice Smith’s own children prompted the mom of three to address a question often asked by adopted children: Why did you choose me?

When children aren’t born into the family they are raised in, they often wonder if their parents would have wanted a child like them. So Smith wrote a book specifically for adopted children to address this question.

“These are questions my children have actually asked me,” Smith said of the lines in the book.

It asks questions many adopted children often ask their parents. “Perhaps you could have chosen one who always does their chores and never leaves a great big mess behind closet doors,” it reads.

Of course, in the book, children are assured they are loved even if they aren’t the tidiest, most melodious or talented at juggling bowls. They are loved because they are exactly who they are.

“Why Did You Choose Me?” is geared for children ages 3 to 9 to help them understand, in a beautiful and easy to understand format, that mom and dad love them for who they are, Smith said.

As the books says, “From the moment that I saw you, I had found my sweet baby.”

The idea for the book came to Smith as she and her husband Jamie were trying to gather funds to pay for their third adoption. A resident of Greer, Smith said they had agreed they couldn’t do it unless the money came to them. She heard about an adoption grant being awarded based on the question, “Why did you choose me?” She wrote out her response and won the grant. A friend suggested turning her response into a book.

“It took a lot of faith to get (the adoption) done, but we knew God chose these children — we never doubted that,” she said.

The book, published by Ambassador International, is illustrated by Smith’s friend Sarah Strickland Jones, who was also the one who inspired her to make her grant application into a book. Inside the pages of the book are hundreds of little watercolor dots, each one made to represent a child waiting for a forever family.

Smith said writing a children’s book was on her bucket list and she is an avid book collector. It was only natural for her to turn her children’s questions into a book.

“With my children and the children we have fostered, when you offer to read a book and they climb in your lap, it’s a time they forget you’re not their momma and they are getting that contact they desperately need,” Smith said.

She and her husband began fostering this summer and have already had eight children come through their doors. This is in addition to the three children they have adopted over the years, now ages 9, 6 and 3.

As for the future, Smith is in the process of writing a devotional for older children to accompany the book. She hopes for it to come out next year.

“Why Did You Choose Me?” will be released Nov. 12, which is Orphan Sunday. It will be available on Amazon,, and through local retailers.

Smith also blogs about her family’s experiences at

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