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Our favorite new products: July

Allergies are a problem for many families, and while covering a child’s mattress and pillows with allergy covers helps, it doesn’t always solve the problem. The Raycop RS2 allergen vacuum might be the solution. It features a HEPA filter and dual filtration system proven to capture 99.9 percent of common allergens. It also features UV light technology, suction and pulsating pads combined in RayClean Technology® to extract potentially harmful microorganisms and outdoor pollutants, leaving home fabrics sanitized unlike any other product. $350. Available at

Iconic photographer Anne Geddes has partnered with Master Paintmakers to create her own line of nursery paint featuring specific shades that help nurture baby’s development. Anne Geddes Paint is toxic-free, water-based and made from natural ingredients, making it safe for pregnant women, newborns and children. Best of all, once it dries, any stains or marks will wash off without damaging the surface. $22 per gallon. Available at Walmart or

With car seat safety on many parents minds, the Tummy Shield by Safe Ride 4 Kids is the only pregnancy seat belt that actually protects babies in the womb in the event of an accident. It does so by redirecting the seat belt away from the belly during impact. Featuring a patented design that secures the seat belt at the leg, it doesn’t allow for slack or slippage. $150. Available at

The Zookeeper Sorting Box from Haba USA teaches little ones 1 and older about shape and color recognition while pretending to feed animals. Just like in a real zoo, within every vivarium there is a slide: If pushed down, only the half wood shapes fit through the opening. If pushed upward, the opening is large enough for the whole wood shape. Each box includes eight wooden shapes and a sorting box. $35. Available at