When Carter Meadors heard Bambino — a mobile app that modernizes the way parents find, book and pay trusted local sitters — was considering launching its service in the Greenville area, she was quick to volunteer to help.

“I heard about it from a friend in the Atlanta area, and she was connected with one of the founders of the company and told me about it one weekend when she was visiting,” she said. “I think it says a lot about Greenville that it was one of only 30 cities selected to receive the app.”

Meadors, the mother of three children, ages 9, 8 and 5, all of whom attend Pelham Road Elementary, agreed to be Greenville’s community manager, informing parents about the app and its services.

“We regularly use babysitters, and I have some good babysitters, but every once in a while, you need a sitter and can’t find one last minute,” she said. “You call friends and ask friends who they use, and you get their numbers and reach out to those folks. It’s a pretty tedious process, I have found, and especially when it’s last minute. That’s what appeals to me about this app.”

Users download the Bambino app for free through their app store, allowing them to search for babysitters that have been recommended by their friends. Each babysitter is rated after each job, and their profiles list their rate per hour. Users contact the babysitter through the app to arrange appointments, usually receiving a reply within hours.

“I can go into the Bambino app and see which sitters my friends have recommended, and with a click of a button, reach out to them to see what their availability is,” Meadors said.

Another key feature of the app is that it allows parents to directly pay the babysitter through the app after a job is complete. In addition, users receive reminders and alerts from the app.

“Usually my husband and I will be on the way home from an event, and we’ll start doing the math in our heads, trying to figure out how much we owe,” she said. “Then it’s ‘do you have any cash? Do I have a check?’ This takes all of that worry out of it.”

She said to participate in the service, all babysitters must be recommended by a local parent. The app will have up to 30 babysitters for each neighborhood, she added.

As a busy mom who works full time, Meadors said she’s found the app easy to use, and there are no hidden fees or subscription costs for parents to worry about.

“It’s also hugely beneficial to babysitters,” she said. “A lot of teenagers I’ve talked to want to do more babysitting, but they don’t have a way to go about it. Some of these well-known companies have lots of fees associated with them. Bambino is completely free and straightforward. For sitters, it’s no different than babysitting and someone paying you cash.”

The Bambino app launched in 2016 in Los Angeles before expanding to 30 additional communities across the country in March.

“I think parents will be thrilled to have this modern resource right here in Greenville,” Meadors said.

You can use the app

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