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Spring cleaning? Jen Greene Clean can help

When Jen Greene, her husband and their daughter moved from Greenville to Travelers Rest two years ago, she wanted to hire a cleaning company to help prepare their new home for the move.

“We were looking for someone who used eco-friendly products because I have past health issues, and so does my daughter who is now 3,” she said. “She was 1 at the time. We couldn’t find anyone who used eco-friendly cleaning products.”

While Greene eventually found a cleaner willing to use eco-friendly products at triple their normal rates, she realized the Upstate had a need for a cleaning business that used green products and offered competitive prices.

“I’m in some attachment parenting groups where people are constantly looking for green cleaning,” she said. “I knew there was a need that wasn’t being met.”

Formerly a stay-at-home mom, Greene launched her own company, Jen Greene Clean, which offers eco-friendly cleaning “without the higher cost,” she said.

Greene uses Thieves by Young Living products for residential cleaning that is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and she said her business has been mostly built on word of mouth advertising. With competitive rates, Jen Greene Clean offers routine cleaning and deep, one-time only cleaning for move in and move out needs.

“I’ve had quite a few people from the parenting groups reach out to me, and it has grown from there,” she said. “I have started to look into cleaning for small business as well because some of those have reached out to me too. That might be my venture for 2017.”

Right now, Jen Greene Clean consists of Greene and one employee, so she only offers her cleaning services within a 15-mile radius of Travelers Rest. She hopes to expand soon to include Spartanburg and other parts of the Upstate.

She said many people are searching for green cleaning help primarily because of the potentially negative impact traditional cleaners will have on their children’s health.

“When you’re dealing with children, they’re not like us,” she said. “They don’t have the immunity built up like we do. We have to make sure we’re protecting our children in every way possible. There are so many cleaners out there now that are full of things like xenoestrogen that give everyone estrogen overload — it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female or a child or an adult.”

To learn more about Jen Greene Cleaning or to schedule an appointment, visit its website at or email

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Jen Greene Clean offers routine cleaning using eco-friendly products to most of the Upstate. Visit or email