Do you have so many pictures on your camera roll you have to delete old ones before adding more? Want to share more with family but not over share on Facebook? A new app aims to help parents collect, curate, privately share and print memories of their family.

Arkiver was created by Logan Metcalfe, a Greenville father of two. Unlike other services, everything is stored securely on your own Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage account, he said. The idea for Arkiver came from a personal need.

“After we had kids our camera rolls exploded and we didn’t have a good way to preserve the best pictures and share those with my family in New Zealand,” he said. “We wanted an easy way to curate and preserve a history of each child that we could pass down to them. It had to include not just pictures, but also the backstories that give those pictures meaning along with other memories like the funny things the kids say. I looked around at other options and couldn’t find anything that gave me all that and also kept me in control of my stuff.”

The Arkiver App is available for free on the App store for iPhones and iPads, on Google Play for Android devices and on the web at

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