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Burn Bootcamp targets moms with free offer

Moms, get ready to get fit at a wellness center dedicated to you.

Burn Bootcamp will open May 16 at 1618 Woodruff Road in Greenville, and owner Christina Craft is offering a 30-day launch program that will be free to the first 100 women to sign up.

“We are not a fitness program,” she said. “We are life transformation program and aim to create optimum happiness through the gateway of fitness.”

Burn Bootcamp is one of the fastest growing fitness facilities on the East coast, targeting mothers and women. Its philosophy starts with changing a client’s mindset and giving her a comfortable environment to practice strength training and focus on nutrition.

The Five Forks location is a 5,000-square-foot facility that will offer classes that last no longer than 45 minutes. Free childcare will also be provided.

“Our mission is help moms and women alike obtain heath, happiness, and friendships that will last a lifetime,” Craft said.

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