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Man surprises teacher with proposal (with help from her students)

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On the day after a minor ice storm hit Greenville, the skies were blue and clear and the sun had warmed temperatures to near spring-like weather.

You might could say it was the perfect setting for a surprise proposal.

Armed with a bouquet of flowers, a dog, and approximately 30 accomplices, Bryan Latham snuck onto the scene Feb. 16 while his girlfriend, Felicia Porter, wrangled students toward the bus during a field trip to the Peace Center. Porter, an A.J. Whittenberg Elementary kindergarten teacher, was still inside without a clue while her fellow teachers and chaperones passed out signs to some of her students that, once put together, read "Will you marry Mr. Bryan?"

Holding their letters with pride, the students and Latham were waiting for her in the courtyard in front of the Peace Center. Unaware, Porter came out of a door other than expected — behind Latham and her students.

Stunned, she realized what was happening, commenting, "The letters are backwards" after her students turned around to greet her.

Latham, not deterred, fell to one knee and proposed.

See the video of the proposal above.