Let’s talk about the girls!

True story: I was out running, the girls bouncing happily, when I ran into one of my training buddies. She looked at me, smiled sweetly and said, as only a true friend would or could, “Do you ever have trouble with too much bouncing?”

Hmm, clearly, if she was asking, the answer must be yes. She recommended Breakout Bras in Greenville. I finished my run and bounced home to google this miracle bra store. I quickly made an appointment for a fitting. I decided that if a new sports bra could make such a difference, perhaps I should look at everyday bras, too.

The store was very different from others that I had experienced in that you could not look around and find a bra off of the shelves. Instead, each person is fitted in a dressing room. On the wall of the fitting room was a sign boasting a “10-minute boob job.” Yes, I thought. This is exactly what I need.

The fitter began by looking at me in my current bra. It was a little awkward, but think of it like going to a doctor. These ladies see this every day. I was very surprised when no measurements were taken. The fitter simply asked my current size and began bringing me bras to try on. I began by trying on everyday bras. After I tried on the bras, she looked at the fit and asked about comfort. My fitter explained to me that my size would be very different, and not to be alarmed. She explained these were European sizes, but also that women were typically sized too large in the band and too small in the cup. She said the lift and support should be provided by the band, not the cup and straps. So, normally a 36 C, I left with a 32 F!

While in the fitting room, the fitter instructed me on putting the bra on properly. Apparently, fastening in the front and turning the bra around isn't that great for the bra. She also explained that for proper fit, you need to hold the wire back a bit, simultaneously pulling your breasts forward to fill out the cup. The bra seemed fairly comfortable, so I decided to purchase it. The fitter did explain that a bra is not meant to be super comfortable, since it is a support item. The first time I wore it, I found it to be somewhat uncomfortable, and worried about chafing. The second day was a bit more comfortable.

One thing I would caution is that you should move around in the fitting room. Don’t just stand there. Reach forward and move around a lot to ensure that it will still be comfortablewith the kind of movement that you will be doing. As for the look of the bra under clothing, the girls really did stand at attention. It definitely erased the effects of years of gravity.

The second type bra I tried was the sports bra. I chose an underwire sports bra. I was surprised at how well it supported me. I jumped up and down in the fitting room and moved around a lot. After getting it home, I wore it out running and it really did minimize bounce. I also wore it cycling and found that it didn't inhibit movement at all. I really like this bra! The design also has separate cups to help avoid the “uni-boob” look.

The store is also known for its’ nursing bras. In fact, the company was born when mom and owner Melissa Thomason began nursing and found it impossible to find a well-fitting bra. Eighteen years later, the nursing bra is still a large part of the business.

If you are interested in visiting Breakout Bras, it is at 565 Woodruff Road. While an appointment is not necessary, it may make decrease your wait timeduring busy times.

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