It may be hot outside, but inside the Frigid CryoTherapy chamber in Greenville, it feels like the arctic.

Frigid CryoTherapy’s spa offers several treatments with the goal of reducing inflammation in the body. Three popular treatments at the facility are full-body cryotherapy, the cryotherapy facial and NormaTec.

Cryotherapy was developed in 1978 in Japan to treat joint pain. Today, proponents of cryotherapy use it to reduce pain and inflammation. It is especially popular among athletes.

“Cryotherapy doesn’t treat any conditions,” said Courtney Neel, Frigid CryoTherapy’s co-owner. “It just reduces pain and inflammation.”

Most athletes are familiar with ice baths, a treatment that is exactly what it sounds like — a soak in a tub full of ice water. Many use it as a recovery tool during a particularly difficult period of training. Cryotherapy is a little different, but uses the same concept. In a cryotherapy chamber, customers enter a chamber that is cooled to minus-230 degrees using nitrogen. According to Neel, the chamber’s vapors only penetrate .5 millimeters of skin. Patrons are allowed a maximum of three minutes in the chamber to avoid hypothermia.

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According to Neel, the cryotherapy chamber doesn’t hurt in the same way an ice bath hurts.

“Most people don’t shiver,” she said. “It is cold, but not bone-chilling cold.”

The spa also offers local cryotherapy using a wand to target any problem areas, such as knees or ankles. Safety measures at the facility include vent fans and nitrogen sensors. Customers are never left to chill alone. The facility is a spa and not a medical facility, Neel pointed out. Full-body cryotherapy is contraindicated for people with certain medical conditions, such as Reynaulds Syndrome, high blood pressure, seizures or heart conditions.

Another treatment offered at the facility is the cryotherapy facial, aimed at reducing inflammation and revealing smoother skin. Neel says her customers and employees have seen lightening of sunspots and smaller pores after two to three weeks of treatments.

Frigid CryoTherapy has two locations in Greenville — Pelham Road and August Road. Learn more at

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