It’s a random Thursday night in the fall. Earlier that week I had noticed there would be a little concert locally featuring an attractive young man 15 years my junior. I had immediately sent out a message to 20 of my mom friends.

“Let’s go eat Mexican and ogle this kid,” I said.

We had about eight ladies show up to eat, a few less came to ogle the very nice young man who made me want to mother him more than ogle him, but there were three of us who met that night. Immediately, we became a Tribe. We’ve been together like a three-person couple ever since.

We call ourselves the Bacon Tribe.

“Moooom, what are you doing?”

“Talking to the Bacon Tribe, honey. Give me one minute.”

It’s comical, yes, but let me tell you the importance of having a tribe. These are your girls. Women to whom you can lament the long days and short years. The ladies who have your back no matter what’s going on. They are who you can cry to when your toddler smears poop all over the walls. They will laugh at you then help you find cleaning methods on Pinterest.

These women are vital to the survival of moms across the world. They get you. They laugh with you, they cry for you, and when you call them up saying, “We’re gonna go see the New Kids!” they pack a bag full of scrunchies and neon clothing and ask when you’re coming to pick them up. (Did y’all see us there? I was the one with purple hair!)

Getting out with your mom friends isn’t just about getting that necessary time to recharge yourself. Don’t get me wrong — it’s all about that, too, but that’s not it.

It also shows your children you’re still a woman, and you still have a life. So many of us have lives that revolve around our children. Believe me, the Bacon Tribe gets it. We have eight children between us — seven of which are boys. We need to show our kids that Mom is not our only name. It’s Allison. Or Marissa. Or Sarah.

“Mom, are you going out with the Bacon Tribe tonight?”

“Yes, sweetie, we’re going to see a movie. Daddy will put you to bed.”

So moms… Moms. Listen. Go out with your friends. Please. Pick a random night. Go see a little concert. Go have a margarita and see a movie. Go walk around Walmart and put teeny-tiny bras on your head like a hat and dance around. (Did you see me do that, too?)

But the point is to find your tribe and spend time with them. A broken down momma is not a momma any of us wants to be. The tribe has spoken, and they want you to have a girls night with your friends.

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