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Pound classes combine fun with fitness

Last year when I watched the episode of “This is Us” where Kate uses drumsticks to take out her frustrations in a Pound fitness class, I knew I had to try it, too. Fortunately, the class is offered at 10 Star Fitness in Spartanburg, so I didn't have to go far. While I didn't have a “Kate” moment, I did find the class to be a fun diversion from my typical workout routine.

Pound was created by two former college athletes and recreational drummers to combine pilates and cardio exercise with the fun of drumming. All you need for the workout is a mat and pair of weighted RipStix, the company’s weighted drumsticks. The music is pumping and once you get the hang of the motions, it is a lot of fun. If you've ever dreamed of your own drum solo, this is the workout for you.

It is fast paced. As a first timer, I found myself really thinking about each move. In addition to the drumsticks, this workout contains a lot of dance. Because I was using drumsticks, I was very aware of my rhythm and tried very hard not to be out of sync with others in the class. That is where I think a little practice would make it an even better workout. It was just a 30-minute routine, but I was sweating at the end.

“I enjoy it because it works both sides of your brain,” said instructor Madeline Tesh. “There is so much music and dance, that your really don't feel like you are working out.”

As for the exercises themselves, the class utilized a lot of lunges, arm, shoulder and core work. While the workout itself feels more like dance than a real workout, the next-day soreness will let you know that you have definitely worked out.

If you want to try this class, check it out at 10 Star Fitness in Spartanburg or the Mauldin Sports Club. If neither of those locations are convenient, you can purchase RipStix and a DVD at