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Ways to extend the life of your hair color

Hair color can be expensive, so you want it to last as long as possible. We asked stylists Holly Perry from Obsessions Day Spa in Roebuck and Kimberly Mills from B Glosse Beauty Bar in Spartanburg for tips to help extend the life of our hair color.

Of course, the amount of time between color does depend on the type of color you choose.

“Permanent color won’t fade as much, but there will be a line of demarcation as hair grows,” Perry said. “Demi-permanent color can last around 6 weeks,” she said. “Semi-permanent usually is a wash-in formula and washes out when you discontinue use.”

Frequent washing will decrease the time you can go between coloring and certain shampoos can accelerate fading.

“Wait 72 hours before shampooing after hair color is applied,” Mills said. “When you do shampoo, use products that are designed for colored hair,” said Mills. “You really want to avoid shampoos that contain sulfates and styling products containing alcohol.”

Mills also recommends using warm water when washing your hair, since hot water lifts away the outer cuticle layer and causes fading. She also recommends adding a little dye to your conditioner to add a little color each time you condition.

“This only works if your hair is a solid color,” Mills said.

Another way to extend the life of your color is to ask your stylist to use a bond builder additive.

“These enhancers will add life and fade resistance to hair color,” Perry said.

Coloring your hair is a beautiful investment. With these tips, you can keep that beautiful color longer!