I enjoy exercise classes, but I find it difficult to fit them into my schedule. It seems they are usually offered way too early in the morning or during dinnertime. At Anytime Fitness, the solution to this goes beyond their 24-hour access.

The location I visited had a full aerobics studio with equipment. If you were interested in taking a class, all you had to do was choose from a list of classes and descriptions on the computer. After you choose your class, a giant screen in the aerobics room comes down and there is an instructor on the screen. This instructor will then tell you what equipment you need — usually just weights and a mat.

I took two different virtual classes. The first was a spin class. The bike was in the aerobics room. I really enjoyed the class. It was challenging and the instruction was very good.

I then took a weights class. It was a good introduction to weight training, though I wouldn't recommend it for a complete beginner. Form is so important in weight training, that if you don't have a good idea of what you are doing, a video might not give enough instruction to keep you from getting hurt. If you are a complete newbie, it would be smart to take one of the basic classes or tutorial to help you master the basic moves.

There are also dance classes, yoga and pilates classes, spin and strength classes of varying lengths between 20 and 50 minutes.

The bottom line: I loved the variety, and it was great that I could workout on my own schedule.

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