You have a party to go to after work, but between picking up the kids from sports and dance and getting a quick meal on the table before the babysitter comes, there is little time for more than quickly touching up your makeup before heading out of the house again! We asked Greenville makeup artist Shantel Lowe for tips to help us take our makeup from professional to party quickly.

“I love teaching clients an easy way to take a day look into night,” Lowe said. “I call it my sultry smokey eye.”

The best thing about Lowe’s technique is that it only requires two quick and easy steps.

Step 1: Get a smudge brush like MAC’s No. 239 brush. Dip the brush into a dark eyeshadow powder liner. Start on the outside the eyes, smudge over your “day” eyeliner and eyelid. You can add some under your eyes for balance.

“I like to mix a satin shimmer eyeshadow with a matte eyeshadow for this step,” Lowe said.

Step 2: Finish with a black or black/brown cream eyeliner on the top.

“You have a beautiful, sexy updated smokey eye,” she said.

Lowe recommends adding a deeper or more intense lip color to complete the look.

If you are looking for more makeup tips, Lowe offers makeup lessons in her studio. You can call her at 864-442-3007 or email for an appointment.

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