It is nice to have some space set aside for a special hobby — perhaps a craft room, an office or reading area.

If you don’t have space inside your house, a garden shed might be your answer. Sheds are no longer used just for storage. A recent trend is to use them as a backyard getaway. Some are created just for moms and called “She Sheds.” Others, for dads, are dubbed “Man Caves.”

Cindy and David Lee, master gardeners in Greenville, built a shed as a place to store gardening tools and maybe have a beer after a long day working in the yard. With a little decorating and some comfortable seating, it quickly became one of their favorite spots to spend time together. They call it their garden bar.

“I added window treatments, made a bench and had a bar made,” Cindy Lee said. “We decorate it for each holiday. Last year, I had a Christmas get-together with a bunch of girlfriends out there.”

The Lees spend much of their weekends in their garden bar.

“I love it!” Cindy Lee said. “We can come in from gardening, enjoy a drink together and I don’t have to get my house dirty!”

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