With each new season, it is fun to update our wardrobes a little. We reached out to Ashley Bickerstaff, owner of Style Envy and Elizabeth Rouprich, owner of Visually Appealing to find out what is on trend for fall.

“I am most excited about this year’s color palette,” Bickerstaff said. “In the past, we have seen a lot of darker colors like charcoal and chocolate. We are still seeing these colors, but this year we see them combined with brighter colors like cobalt blue, chartreuse, magenta, and poppy red.”

Other trends are holdovers from last year.

“The flared jean is big this year,” she said. “We were beginning to see it a little last year, but I think this year people will be more comfortable embracing the trend.”

Like flared jeans, other popular trends are reminiscent of the 1970s. According to Rouprich, we will also see the return of patchwork, pointed collars, denim on denim, crochet and tie dye. Capes and ponchos will remain popular. Popular fabrics will include suede, velvet and metallic fabrics, Rouprich said. Mixing different prints, patterns and fabrics is another seasonal trend.

Longer-length vests are popular this year in a cotton fabric.

“Vests are great for our climate,” Rouprich said. “We have few very cold days here. A good vest will take you from September to December.”

No wardrobe is complete without the right shoes. Booties are another return from last year.

“It will be much harder to find to-the-knee boots this year,” Bickerstaff said. “Everything will either be booties or over-the-knee.”

Rouprich predicts that platform shoes, the block heel and pumps — either plain or adorned with bows or sequins — will also be a hit this fall.

While it is fun to follow the trends, Bickerstaff said that not all trends are appropriate for everyone.

“You have to take your age and your body type into account when you are choosing new pieces for your wardrobe,” she said.

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