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The 30 clean: An eating plan you can actually live with

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If you need a little motivation getting on the right track with food and fitness, The 30 Clean meal plan might be your answer.

Clean eating is one of the hottest trends in food today as we begin to discover the long-term effects of some of the foods that we consume. The 30 Clean is an elimination eating plan, designed to help you discover food intolerances that affect your health.

I have been interested in doing a clean eating challenge for a while, but the thought of making different meals for myself versus those I make for my family goes against my family dinner philosophy.

The 30 Clean family plan is a little different from most of the 30-day challenges that I have seen because it does encompass the whole family.

The meal plans offer kid-friendly meal ideas like Taco Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday and my personal favorite: Sip and Supervise Saturday, where kids are tasked with preparing the meal, while parents supervise and enjoy one of their two allowed glasses of wine for the week.

It is not an easy plan. You eliminate gluten, dairy, soy, sugar and artificial processed ingredients, but founder Heather Hemmer said that it can help you find out if you have any kind of food sensitivities.

“It helps us get a better understanding of our bodies,” she said. “The plan is really 21 days, and then a reintroduction. It is in the reintroduction phase that we find out if foods were the cause of things like allergies or eczema.”

There are several options available on the website including a family plan, a standard plan and a vegan plan. The family plan is the least restrictive of the plans since it allows some natural sweeteners.

For Hemmer, a certified health coach, the idea for The 30 Clean program began when she was working as a personal trainer. She found that — though her clients were working hard in the gym — poor eating habits were keeping them from seeing results. After changing their eating plans, they began to see results, she said.

You can do it

To try the program, visit More information about the program can also be found on the site. The 30 Clean has a dietitian on staff. Check with your family physician, however, before starting a new diet regimen.

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