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Airbrush tanning: A safe, beautiful glow

I love the beautiful glow of a tan, but let’s face it, there is little that ages skin more quickly than excessive sun exposure.

I’ve tried self-tanning lotions, but they always tend to streak. Fortunately, there is another alternative: airbrush tanning. I spoke with Jackie Easler, owner of Coconut Salon in Boiling Springs, to find out more information about this sunless tanning method.

The airbrush process only takes about 15 minutes. Easler uses two different spray guns — one for large body areas and the other for the face and detail work. She customizes the color for each customer and provides guidance in determining how dark to tan.

“The way we mix colors is very similar to the way you do hair color,” she said. “I mix the perfect color to match skin tones.”

If you are going to get a spray tan, there are a few things you need to know. Before your appointment, you should exfoliate well using a loofah or sea salt scrub. Make sure to shave a few hours before tanning, but not immediately before. Don’t wear any lotion or deodorant to your appointment. Wear dark, loose, clothing. The solution dries quickly, Easler said, but a little might come off on very light clothing. Wait at least seven hours after your appointment to shower.

“The longer you wait, the longer your tan will last,” Easler said.

The tan typically lasts seven to 10 days. While a spray tan looks beautiful on the beach, it does not protect skin from UV rays, so you will still need to use sunscreen. A full-body airbrush tan is $40; face only is $15. If you are looking for a tan all summer, you can buy a package of 10 sessions for $250.