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PMD Pro: Better skin starts at home

Pregnancy can leave you with a beautiful glow, or can wreak havoc on your skin causing breakouts and melasma — also known as the mask of pregnancy.

If you are unfamiliar with this condition, it is basically brown spots on the skin caused by an increase in melanin. It is common at times when hormones surge, during pregnancy and perimenopause, for example, but it can also occur with the use of some oral contraceptives.

Melasma usually fades within a year of giving birth or stopping oral contraceptives. Pregnancy induced acne subsides as hormones stabilize.

A new at-home microderm abrasion tool called the PMD Pro promises to minimize melasma and decrease acne. The device works by boosting cell turnover, exfoliating dead skin cells and using suction to clean out pores. Each at-home treatment takes about 15 minutes.

I recently tried out a PMD Pro. I have always thought of microderm abrasion as something best left to professionals, so I was a little nervous about using the device. While there were warnings about the risk of facial scabbing with improper use, there were also great instructions, so I proceeded.

The device was much easier to use than I anticipated. It included a practice disc and offers three different levels of exfoliation. I used the device weekly for four weeks.

I don’t have melasma, so I can’t speak to the device’s effectiveness for that, but I do at times have problems with breakouts. I noticed that my skin was much less prone to acne during my month of use.

I even escaped my monthly breakout! I also had a dark red spot on my face. It was lighter after my series of treatments. It is a tool that I will keep in my skin-care arsenal.

The PMD Pro can be purchased at