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Perfectly tailored: A good fit means a great look

A great fit can take an outfit from frumpy to fabulous.

“The biggest problem women have is thinking that clothing is ready to wear straight off the rack,” said Elizabeth Rouprich, stylist and owner of Greenville-based Visually Appealing LLC. “Men automatically know that they need to have things altered, but women don’t often have that mindset.”

According to Rouprich, it is rare for women of any size to find clothing that fits properly without alterations.

“Tailoring will automatically make a piece look more expensive,” she said.

When shopping, Rouprich encourages women to ignore the size on the label and really concentrate on fit. While we tend to get hung up on wearing a smaller size, Rouprich says the average woman is a size 14. Additionally, manufacturers are different, so a size 12 in one brand might be the equivalent of a 14 in another brand.

“It is better to fit clothing to the largest part of your body and have other areas taken in,” she said. “Don’t get stuck on the size. Take the size you normally wear, one size larger and one size smaller when you go into the fitting room.”

Designer clothing will run a little larger, whereas less-expensive clothing may run smaller. Women may need a larger size in jeans, she said.

“Love the shape you are in,” Rouprich said.

If you need help finding the right style and fit for your body, Visually Appealing offers several different services.

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