Spring is here! Is your wardrobe ready? We asked favorite boutique owners to share some of this year’s hottest trends.

Bright, bold colors. “Fun prints are in right now,” said Jarrett Kraeling, the owner of Pink on Main in Spartanburg.

Lace-up tops. “Anything that laces in the front or back is popular this year,” said Kate Evans, owner of Archived Clothing and Gifts in Spartanburg.

Workout wear as clothing. “The trend of wearing athletic clothes all day is huge right now,” Kraeling said. “It is not your typical all black, though. You can look fun and bright and still be comfortable!”

Arrows. “Anything with an arrow on it is in right now.” Evans said. “Particularly jewelry.”

Wrap bracelets and stacking bracelets. “This trend continues from last year, but is even bigger this year.” Evans said.

Bold jewelry. “We are starting to see people going a little bolder in scale,” said Leandra Hill, owner of Leandra Hill Metal Works in Greenville.

Off-the-shoulder tops. “This trend is returning in a big way this year!” Evans said.

Chokers. “We have some great chokers from a North Carolina artist, Olivia Vasquez,” Evans said.

State jewelry. “South Carolina necklaces have been selling well this year,” Evans said.

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