We often think of a massage as a luxury. It is something we do if we have extra time and money. But according to Katrina Brendel, owner of Revive Bodyworks in Spartanburg, regular massage offers many health benefits in addition to relaxation and stress relief. Regular massages can:

  • Improve posture — “Lots of people don’t realize that they are hunched over,” Brendel said. “A massage will lengthen back muscles and strengthen the pectoral muscles. People really do stand straighter afterward.”
  • Increase energy —“Sometimes when your body is full of toxins you have that worn-out feeling,” she said. “Immediately following the massage, you will get kind of a massage-drunk feeling, but after about an hour or so you have a lot more energy.”
  • Improve circulation — “That tingly feeling some people get in their feet is from poor circulation,” she said. “Massage can help with that.”
  • Strengthen your immune system — “Massage heals the body from the inside out,” she said. “People who get massages are also less stressed and do not get sick as often.”
  • Relieve sinus pressure —  “Massaging the occipital ridge (where the skull meets the spine), neck and shoulders can help drain the sinuses and relieve pressure.”

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