Valentine’s Day changes with children. Sometimes, staying home is easier than hiring a sitter while you fight the crowds. If you’re not a wine connoisseur, choosing something for a special night can be tough. Ryan O’Hara of Green’s Discount Beverage offered some suggestions in the $10 – $20 range.

Meiomi pinot noir — O’Hara noted that pinot noirs generally are versatile choices for food because they pair well with everything from steak to salmon, but at $18, the Meiomi is “incredible for the money.”

Saint Haliare sparking wine — Because it’s not from the Champagne region, O’Hara said this French sparkler is less expensive, at $13, than its cousins.

Menage a Trois Silk — “The red blends have become extremely popular over the years,” O’Hara said. He recommends this one for its 90-point rating and discounted price, available for $10 until March.

Santa Margherita pinot grigio — O’Hara suggested pinot grigio as another food-friendly wine, and this one is popular at $17.

Gérard Betrand Cote des Roses — “Rosés are always a big thing for Valentine’s Day,” O’Hara said, and this $14.99 French wine is a “nice, dry style.”

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