If you have perused Pinterest lately, you have probably noticed that art has had a resurgence in popularity.

There are even adult coloring books. Among the biggest trends are art journaling and Bible art journaling. I took a class and spoke with Jann Gray, author of the book “Illuminated Journaling” and the blog “What You Make It,” to find out a little more about these trends and her artistic journey.

“Like many, I started as a scrapbooker,” Gray said. “I moved into art journaling not as a way to document motherhood but really as a way to process some of the things I was experiencing. Living life is difficult, and if we don’t process it, it becomes tangled inside us.”

For Gray, art journaling offers a different perspective.

“I really feel like when you add a creative element there is something that engages a different part of our brains, and we can really get a more complete answer,” she said.

Gray said that you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy and benefit from art.

“I took an art class in middle school,” Gray said. “I was in school in the days where teachers wrote on your report card and I will never forget my art teacher’s comment: ‘Jan does not have a creative bone in her body!’”

Gray discovered, however, that anyone can enjoy and benefit from art.

“All you really need to be able to do is scrape paint,” she said. “You can even doodle. Adult coloring books are a great inspiration for how to do a shape or swirl. It is really about expressing what is in your heart. If you need to paint over something, paint over it. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials out there, but you will quickly develop your own style.”

Gray’s newest artistic journey is Bible art journaling.

“I find that it is easier to memorize scripture if I do something creative,” she said.

Gray also uses her Bible journey to respond to her daily readings and studies. She has a special Bible, purchased just for this purpose.

“It is a wide-margin Bible,” she said.

In the class, Gray showed us how to use shapes to draw, and how to use tracing paper and carbon paper effectively.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said. “Remember when you were 5 and all of your work was refrigerator-worthy? It is still refrigerator worthy!”

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