Christmas decorating can be a costly endeavor. UpstateParent asked Melissa Kramer from Studio K Interior Design in Greenville to give us tips for creating a cohesive and unique Christmas look in our homes without breaking the bank.

Use thick, wired ribbon as garland for the tree.

“It’s easy to work with and inexpensive so you can change the look of your tree every year for next to nothing,” Kramer said. “It can be wrapped around the tree or spilling down from the top.”

Don’t be afraid to try something different.

“The addition of flowers or feathers can be a fun way to spice up your tree,” she said. “Use non-traditional colors like teal with red or lime green with white, or go monochromatic for a clean, classic look.”

Light it up!

“Use white lights to highlight ornaments,” Kramer said.

Take advantage of things you already have.

“Bulb ornaments, pine cones or cranberries look great in a glass vase or jar,” she said. “Float the cranberries in water or arrange them around the base of a candle.”

Small touches equal big impact.

“Change out pillow covers to match your holiday scheme,” Kramer said. “Try to use different textures and incorporate prints with solids.”

Don’t limit decorating to the family room and kitchen.

“Bedrooms and bathrooms are often forgotten in holiday decorating,” she said. “ I like a touch of red in every room. It can be as simple as a red and white towel. Add a red blanket and pillow to your bed or a big ribbon around a toy basket to add warmth.”

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