In an age where emails and texts are the norm, there is something special about a handwritten thank-you note.

Many people want to send thank-you notes, but experience writer’s block when they sit down to write one.

Tracy Nutt, director of the Spartanburg chapter of the National League of Junior Cotillions, an etiquette education program for youth, has some advice to help you write a stand-out thank-you note.

It is not about length, Nutt said.

“A thank-you note can be as little as three sentences,” she said.

Those sentences do need to be meaningful, however.

“If you are writing to thank someone for a gift, write something specific about the present — perhaps how it is made, or a special characteristic or how you will use it,” she said.

Personal notations make will make your note more endearing, Nutt said.

“Say something specific about your relationship or use expressions of affection,” she said.

She added that thank-you notes are not just for gifts, and that it is also important to express gratitude quickly.

“If you spend time in someone’s home, it is appropriate to send a thank-you note,” Nutt said. The rule of thumb is that you should send a note within three days.”

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