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Your Pie is a kid-friendly haven from the traffic on Woodruff Road

Everyone has an opinion about the best piece of pizza —thin crust, hand tossed, deep dish — but the one thing everybody agrees on is no matter how they like it, pizza is delicious.

Your Pie on Woodruff Road in Greenville is a franchise that has a local feel. It offers a a perfect spot to take kids and wood-fired pizza that is quick and delicious. In a practical industrial setting, Your Pie allows customers to queue up and order. Kids are given dough to play with as they wait.

Most of the seating are tables, but there are a few extra long tables with booths tucked around the corner for large families or, like us, a family who needs the space to spread out. Best of all, the bathroom was clean. In an oddity pointed out by the kiddo in the group, they had a dispenser to clean the toilet seat. The soap dispenser and paper towels were all at a height that youngsters can reach to be self-sufficient. They even had a stool and a very clean changing table. Not all restaurants are equal, and with families, the bathroom is part of the equation.

Your Pie of Greenville offers pizza, paninis, salads, gelato and beer. We stopped at this location in an attempt to get out of the traffic and were pleasantly surprised by the service and the quality of food. The picky eater, my husband and I all ordered three separate kinds of pie and all of us loved the flavors. The 6-year-old ordered the classic pepperoni. The man of the house ordered a mac and cheese special, and I had the Ishia (EVOO, mozzarella, tomato, basil and garlic). Paired with the side salad and a drink, we had leftovers for an afternoon snack later in the day.

Having never been to this restaurant before, the surprise of the meal was the gelato combination You Pie offers. The adults get two scoops and the kids meal comes with one. One adult cup is rich enough to share between two adults, especially when it is salted caramel.

Overall, the place was laid back and very pleasant to just sit and have a pie. If we manage to battle our way down Woodruff Road again, it will definitely be on the list of places to stop and grab a bite.

The bottom line: This is a great place that was not overly crowded even though they had a steady stream of customers. The service was quick to order and the pies made it to our table in record time.

Eat out tip: Check out their special. It might not be a combination you might initially think of trying, but it is delicious.