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Seafood smarts: What you should know about seafood

Are you eating seafood regularly? The recommendation by the US Dietary Guidelines is to eat seafood at least 2 times/week. (Source: ten-tips-eat-seafood)

When someone talks about “seafood” it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to come from the sea or the ocean. Seafood can also be fish that is grown or caught in lakes or rivers as well as shellfish like clams, oysters and crustaceans like shrimp and crab. Your seafood choice can come from fresh, frozen or canned seafood – all provide nutrition and health benefits.

The most popular type of seafood in the United States is shrimp followed by salmon and tuna which are tied for second place. (source:

Should you buy “wild caught” or farmed fish? This is definitely a complicated situation:

• Wild caught may be a good choice depending on where it is being caught, the quality of the body of water, and if the species is not overfished and in danger.

• Farmed may be a good choice depending on the species of fish, how the fish is fed and cared for on the farms.

Where can you find information about different types of seafood and whether or not they are sustainably raised or caught?

• Monterey Bay Aquarium – has downloadable consumer information based on your state.

• Fish Watch – United States Seafood Facts by NOAA - has a database on sustainable seafood.

• Seafood Nutrition Partnership – has seafood nutrition information, recipes and more.

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