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TReehouse Café dishes up food and fun for families in Travelers Rest

Weekend mornings are a time to kick back and relax and not cook. A tucked-away gem that is perfect for kids with energy and parents who need to relax is just around the corner at the TReehouse Café in Travelers Rest.

This cute and quirky business sits on the main street of Travelers Rest and is an indoor dream location for parents with kids. Here kids can explore and paint and play while parents relax and eat and chat without the fear of having to leave early or kids getting bored.

The food itself is simple, fresh fare cooked to perfection and served on cute kitsch plates. On their Facebook page, it advertises such menu items as paninis, wraps and soups. My favorite is the Elvis panini while my husband enjoyed the ham, egg and cheese. The picky eater of the family had his own cranberry orange muffin and fruit. For drinks, we ordered coffee, hot tea and orange juice, and none of us was disappointed. The coffee was flavorful and the tea lasted me the entire two hours we were at the café.

At first glance, the TReehouse Café looks like an art studio full of supplies where an artist just left, but it is in fact a wall-to-wall imagination location where kids can create. Our 6-year-old who notoriously never sits down for longer than 30 seconds at a time had to be convinced to depart after spending two hours in the café. We started with the Perplexus puzzles they have stored near the register on the bottom shelf of the muffin display and each spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to solve the puzzles. Full disclosure that this part of the visit was so fun we have purchased five of the maze ball puzzles for our own home.

After the puzzles, the food came and then we painted rocks. It was quick affordable and just plain fun. Before we left two hours later, we had played with Potato Heads, painted-on canvases and had conversations with both owners of the café.

Since that first visit we have returned to the café twice more and always feel incredibly welcome and never rushed. The vibe is relaxed and welcoming to all.

The bottom line: Plan to spend some time here relaxing while your kiddo creates.

Eat out tip: They open at 7 o’clock every morning but have varying hours when they close, so check before you go.

Create out tip: They also offer classes for kids and adults so check in with them to find out when and how much.

You can go

TReehouse Café is located at 27 S. Main St., Travelers Rest. Visit them at pg/KCafalunch.