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It’s time for South Carolina peaches!

It’s tempting to buy a huge basket of freshly picked peaches. But sometimes, you can buy too much. This summer, try some new ways to enjoy South Carolina’s quintessential fruit.

Smoothies — Combine a banana and a few peeled peaches with some ice and maybe a splash of milk. Blend together for a cool, healthy treat.

Peach pound cake — Substitute pureed fresh peaches for the wet ingredients in your favorite yellow cake recipe. Milk, oil or even eggs can be exchanged for peaches. The thick peach mixture gives cake a dense texture, like pound cake. Serve with ice cream.

Milkshakes — You don’t have to visit your favorite chicken chain to enjoy a peach shake. Just add some freshly peeled peaches to typical vanilla shake ingredients and blend.

Shortcake — Why save shortcake for strawberries? Start with homemade or store-bought pound or sponge cake. Add whipped cream or vanilla ice cream to chopped peaches for an easy, but decadent dessert.

Frozen — If you have more peaches than you can handle, peel, puree and freeze them for smoothies or milkshakes later.