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Papi’s Tacos: Try a taste of Mexico

No matter where you live in the Upstate, an authentic experience awaits you at Papi’s Tacos.

“Papi” is Jorge Baralles. Although he now calls Greenville home, he grew up in Cuautla, Mexico, a place where family recipes are cherished heirlooms. At Papi’s Tacos he uses these recipes to create traditional tacos filled with braised meats and fresh toppings cradled in soft corn tortillas. Yes, you can order sandwiches and other snacks at Papi’s, but why when you can eat tacos?!

Baralles opened two more taco shops this year with the help of the Table 301 restaurant group. Both are collaborations with The Growler Haus, one in Spartanburg and one in Fountain Inn. They feel like a taco window within a store and though Growler Haus specializes in craft beer, your family is welcome and encouraged to stay and dine.

Tacos at all three Papi’s are $3 each. My favorite is the al pastor. Shaved pork is topped with cilantro, onion and pineapple creating a bite that is both savory and subtly sweet. My son, Chip, likes the chorizo taco with chips and guacamole; my daughter, Scottie, happily inhales a $2 cheese quesadilla off the kids’ menu.

The original location remains right on the river in downtown Greenville. If you’re heading to Falls Park, it’s an easy stop to pick up lunch and a great way to feed your family something really fresh.

Eat Out! tip: The vegetarian taco is filled with seasoned roasted yellow squash and avocado. It’s a nice order.

The bottom line 

Papi’s three locations make it convenient to introduce your family to authentic Mexican soft tacos this Cinco de Mayo.

You can go

  • Papi’s Tacos
  • 300 River St., Greenville; 113 N. Church St., Spartanburg; 101 N. Main St., Fountain Inn
  • Hours vary by location;

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