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What’s for dessert, kids? Tasty frozen yogurt bites

We scheduled a last-minute dinner party a few weeks ago. The guest list included several children. Because it was last minute, I had not planned for dessert.

But I wanted to give the kids something to look forward to after dinner. Often, that dangling carrot helps motivate them to eat their meals. I quickly scanned my refrigerator and was able to use items I already had on hand.

Making healthy snacks and desserts for your kids can be as simple as taking inventory of your fridge, freezer and pantry.

The kids loved that these were bite size and never even knew they were loaded with heart healthy hemp seeds.

In order to keep snack and dessert time from being stressful, I always ensure there are healthy options available in the kitchen. With a little creativity, it can be easy to get nutritious foods into your children.

Some of our favorite after-dinner treats include yogurt parfaits, smoothies, homemade banana or strawberry ice cream (fruit and almond milk blended), fruit with granola and these frozen yogurt bites.

Frozen Yogurt Bites

What you’ll need

  • Plain Greek yogurt, as much as you need for your molds
  • Frozen or fresh fruit of your choice, enough to incorporate into all the yogurt
  • Raw local honey, drizzled to desired sweetness
  • Hemp seeds – sprinkle enough to incorporate into all the mixture

How to make it

Chop fruit into small pieces. Stir yogurt and honey together in a bowl. Gently fold in the fruit and combine. Sprinkle in the hemp seeds and stir to combine. Pour into molds of your choice and freeze for at least 2 hours.

The bottom line

These little bites make the perfect birthday party treat. You can use any mold you like to make it fun for your child. Double or triple the ingredients for your desired amount.

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