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Spartanburg: Cribb’s Kitchen great restaurant for families

Spring is when I get asked for restaurant recommendations to take grandparents and children. This year my answer is simple: Cribb’s Kitchen. This Spartanburg restaurant has a winning combination of size, service and menu.

Two equally attractive dining rooms along with an outside patio can seat 250 for lunch or dinner in a modern, comfortable environment. Service is crisp and friendly.

Salads, sandwiches and chef-inspired entrees means everyone in your family will find something to order. If you want a $9 burger or a $23 duck dish, it’s on the menu. Chef William Cribb has been in restaurant kitchens for 18 years. He envisioned the restaurant as a place for customers to frequent several times a week for different occasions.

The pear salad is a standout. Burgers and grilled sandwiches are big enough to share and are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Don’t skip the sweet potato fries dusted with Cribb’s special house-blend spice rub.

So, what do kids eat? There’s a straightforward kids menu with really good chicken fingers, burgers and quesadillas, but don’t limit your kids if they want something different. Cribbs will put together anything your child wants. Need a piece of salmon without sauce? Veggies instead of fries? Half of a turkey wrap with fruit? It’s not a problem.

Eat Out! tip: Ordering an appetizer? It’s hard to beat the stuffed fried green tomatoes. Perfectly fried green tomatoes are stuffed with pimento cheese and topped with a dressed arugula salad. Sounds funny, but it’s a wow-worthy starter.

The bottom line

Cribb’s Kitchen will welcome you — all of you — like family.

You can go

Cribb’s Kitchen

  • 226-B W. Main St., Spartanburg
  • 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Tuesdays – Sundays
  • 864-699-9669

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