While we wait for peaches, tomatoes and all of summer’s glory, we do have choices for spring seasonal produce. Robin Aiken, marketing team leader at Whole Foods, offers suggestions.

Artichokes — Cooking this spring veggie intimidates some. Aiken recommends boiling. Cut off tops, trim the sharp tips off leaves. Once boiled, the remaining tender leaves are dipped in buttery sauce. Aiken suggests a simple recipe from the Whole Foods website:

Arugula — Arugula has a cooler growing season, so these greens will be passing out of season soon. March might be your last chance, Aiken said.

Asparagus — In spring, asparagus comes in season. It’s great on the grill.

Beets — As temperatures rise, beet season ends. If preparation for this vegetable intimidates, Aiken suggests salads and roasting, with a variety of recipes on the Whole Foods blog.

Spring onions — Spring and early summer are the time for spring onions, Aiken said. Vidalias are a local choice.

But wait, there’s more — Aiken even suggested a bonus spring vegetable: radishes!

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