Gourmet hot dogs mashed up with a fast-casual taqueria created a winning concept for Spartanburg’s Taco Dog, long before there was a Moe’s or a Chipotle in the Upstate.

For 14 years, the eatery has focused on fresh, fast food, attracting a broad clientele in Spartanburg.

These epic hot dogs are grilled, not boiled or steamed. You can order them a myriad of ways, topped with hand-chopped or pickled veggies, chili or queso. If you like some spice, try the Chicago Dog, topped with briny, spicy pickled peppers.

The kids — and the kids at heart in your family — will love the Texas-style corn dogs. They are dipped and flash fried on order and are brought to your table steaming hot, so order something to snack on while you wait for them to cool down. They are sweet in just the right way and doughy with a high quality, grilled dog at the core.

The stuffed burritos are giant and delicious and the quesadillas are perfectly proportioned. Quesadillas need to focus on the ratio of melted cheese to tortilla, and Taco Dog gets it right with a filled tortilla that’s ready to be dipped into salsa or sauces with abandon.

Chips are fried fresh each morning, as are the hard taco shells. I’m a sucker for a steak hard-shell taco, and Taco Dog has a great one.

Eat Out! tip: Ask for suggestions! The crew at Taco Dog is obsessed with your meal and will let you sample nearly everything to create a palate-pleasing combination.

The bottom line 

There’s something for everyone in your family at Taco Dog, including just a plain frank — if that’s what’s requested.

You can go

Taco Dog

  • 1915 E. Main St., Spartanburg
  • 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mondays – Saturdays
  • 864-542-8058

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