Heart-healthy oatmeal is a cozy way to start your day, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Resolve to eat healthier, control sugar and eliminate artificial ingredients by making it at home. Plus, bulk oatmeal costs less than instant, which helps keep financial resolutions.

Spice it up! Remember the cinnamon and nutmeg you bought for holiday baking? Adding richer flavor eases the pain of cutting sugar. Skip saving spices for next year; flavor dissipates and spices may turn rancid.

Be sweet! Sweeteners like honey or maple syrup have more complex flavors, and some experts believe they metabolize better than white sugar. Or treat yourself by replacing sugar with a few chocolate chips.

Go nuts! Forget fake-tasting, artificial nut flavorings in the instant stuff. Real walnuts, almonds and pecans taste better and add crunch and nutrients.

Berry nice! Frozen strawberries and blueberries are easy, flavorful add-ins.

Get creative! Mix and match the above, but don’t stop there. Did your kid eat one bite of an apple or banana? Pop leftover fruit in the fridge overnight, and enjoy a crazy combo like chocolate-banana-walnut oatmeal in the morning!

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