Happy holidays! These cookies are easy — and fun — for families to make.

Santa Hats: This idea from suggests starting with round sugar cookies from refrigerated dough. Swirl a heap of red frosting and top with a marshmallow.

Stained Glass Sugar Cookies: Instead of frosting after baking, suggests using red and green decorating gel before cookies go into the oven.

Reindeer Heads: Simple, down-pointed, triangular gingerbread cookies transform into reindeers with round pretzel antlers, chocolate chip eyes and a red gumdrop nose, from

Red Velvet Cake Cookies: This recipe uses red velvet cake mix to make cookies. Add white chocolate chips for a festive red and white polka-dot effect.

Santa Heads: Another idea from Pillsbury: Start with a simple brush of red frosting at the top, white frosting at the bottom and a plain center. Coconut flakes on the white frosting create Santa’s beard, and a marshmallow at the top of the red makes Santa’s hat, with a face of chocolate chip eyes and red candy nose. Pipe a white frosting squiggle at the base of the hat to make fur trim.

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