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Tandem: Crepes kids will crave in Traveler's Rest

Kristen and Brad Hartman live by their creperie’s tagline: Together is Best.

The couple opened Tandem Crêperie & Coffeehouse together, with the help of their families, friends and a community thrilled to see the historic Main Street building revitalized.

When funds ran low, they turned to Kickstarter and quickly funded a campaign to purchase equipment.

The eatery is bright, approachable, buzzing with activity and staffed by cheery, knowledgeable employees. And yes, there are bicycles built for two, hung inside and out, at Tandem.

The menu boasts savory and sweet crepes, made-to-order on commercial crepe griddles. Wheat, white, almond and cornmeal flours are ground on site.

Order any crepe made with any flour available that day. For a savory crepe, the chicken mushroom is satisfying and the breakfast crepes are equally delicious. On the sweet side, the lemon sugar is my favorite; simple in its approach and always spot on.

My daughter, Scottie, will tell you if there’s no chocolate, it’s not a crepe. Her order is half chocolate chips, half Nutella with banana and powdered sugar on top.

Need a vegetarian option? The Roasted Root Crepe is scrumptious with sweet potato, chick peas, rosemary and béchamel. Order it with a fried egg on top and take a pic for Instagram. Yup, it’s that pretty.

Tandem pours Counter Culture coffee and makes beautiful lattes, but if you’ve never tasted a pour-over coffee, order one. It’s coffee with the consistency of strong tea.

Eat Out! tip: Think your child won’t eat a crepe? Try Tandem’s freshly made waffles.

The bottom line

Noshing crepes and sipping coffee together in the hubbub of Main Street Travelers Rest is an experience every generation of your family will enjoy this holiday season.

You can go

Tandem Crêperie & Coffeehouse

  • 2 Main St., Travelers Rest
  • 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily and weekends
  • 864-610-2245

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