Asian food can be specific, often too specific for families to dine together.

Koi Asian Bistro, however, is a lovely exception. The Eastside eatery — in the same shopping center as Irashiai — offers Chinese, Thai and fusion cuisine as well as the ability to order off menu. Want some rice, chicken and steamed veggies for your child? No problem. Need some extra bowls to split soup or plates to sample a dish? Absolutely!

This affable service comes naturally from a family long in the restaurant business. Kanas Lam and David Cheng own two popular restaurants in Spartanburg: Limeleaf Thai and Monsoon Noodle House. They are excited to join the Greenville market and went to great lengths to make Koi feel urban and comfortable.

The interior is lush with two stylized murals, good lighting and plenty of seating including booths, tables, bartops and large party areas.

For teens and adults, the fried eggplant is a winner on the appetizer list. The pad thai is solid with delicious fried tofu, shrimp and chicken breast.

My favorite thing to order at Koi is the ginger stir-fry with beef. This is a super fresh dish with tender, sliced steak, and perfectly cooked broccoli, peppers, cabbage, carrots and mushrooms. My 10-year-old son, Chip, can wolf this dish down with rice and ask for seconds without taking a breath.

Eat Out! tip: Koi has a children’s menu that won’t patronize the bigger kids in your household. For $5.95, choose from lo mein or fried rice with a choice of protein, or sesame or honey chicken with steamed rice and a drink.

The bottom line

There’s something for everyone in the family to like at Koi and the interiors are a step up from typical family dining.

You can go

Koi Asian Bistro

  • 115 Pelham Road, Suite 15, Greenville
  • Open every day for dinner; open every day except Wednesdays for lunch
  • 864-241-5355

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