Lynn Watkins, education curator at the Greenville Zoo, offers some tips to make visiting with young ones more enjoyable.

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Be prepared to go slow and observe the small details of the zoo. Count the different types of trees and flowers between exhibits.

Bring snacks for your little ones and compare their dietary needs to the animals. Be sure to mention that they should never feed the animals because they have their own special dietary needs.

Before you visit, print off coloring pages and color them as you see those particular animals in their enclosures.

Remind your child that animals in Ektopia (think reptiles and amphibians) like when they keep their hands in their pockets. Watkins says “for them banging on the glass is like somebody knocking on your window when you are sleeping. It is scary and annoying.” She also said that zookeepers are behind the scenes and can hear the noises of the little visitors on the other side of the glass.

Visit any number of programs geared for families and little ones. It can change your whole experience at the zoo.

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