August is hot enough to boil an egg on the sidewalk, which could actually be a fun experiment for the kids to watch. Here are a few easy to set up activities you can use to entertain your tiny tot and keep them learning.

• Chalk letter garden. Mix up the alphabet and have your little one water different letters or numbers as you call them out.

• Create a chalk-drawn obstacle course. Kids love following different colors that encourage them to jump, spin and balance onto different shapes and lines all the way across the driveway and back.

• Play-dough pancakes. Let them go crazy with the play-dough. Have them create balls and smash them flat as they work on their fine motor skills.

• Hopscotch. Draw a quick hopscotch board and teach your little one to play. Even if they just walk the numbers in order they are reviewing an essential skill.

• Number line race. Write out the numbers in a line and have your small one race back and forth on the number line. If you have older kids, you can modify this to do simple math problems.

• Bubble it up and create your own huge bubble pond. Use a hula hoop and see if they can make a giant bubble around themselves. Or simply blow bubbles and see if your kiddo can catch them for big muscle exercise. Or try and count and catch all the bubbles before they pop.

• Water balloon number attack. Make water balloons. Write chalk numbers on the driveway and go to town splatting. You could also do this with water guns.

• Watch the clouds and try to imagine all the things you see in them. Practice your belly breathing and simply be calm enjoying the moment with your baby.

• Pool art. Bring out the washable paints and let your little one paint a car or a doll and then give them a bath.

• Cool whip car driving. In a plastic tub spray cool whip. Hand your kiddo a car and let them drive. Have them clean up the mess with the spray attachment and a hose.

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