When it is too hot, too rainy and you need to get out where the air conditioning is icy, go play at the many indoor fun places we have around Greenville. Depending on where you venture, a few things can make your outing more enjoyable.

• Sticky socks. They provide little ones with a good grip, no slip traction and have the added benefit of keeping your kiddos feet clean and germ free. Most of the trampoline parks have them on hand to sell, but you can make your own set with a glue gun or puffy paint. They come in handy when you are at the bounce houses as well.

• Water. No matter what indoor activity you choose, you will need a ton of water (and snacks) when you leave. I personally recommend anything they kiddos can eat in the car on the way home because ten minutes after you hit the road, they will be hitting the hay for a long nap.

• Comfy clothes. Bust out the yoga pants and comfy tops because all of the trampoline parks, bounce houses and play areas are fun places for a parent to play.

• Waivers. Depending on location, you may have to fill out a waiver. If you have one filled out ahead of time they can save you a line and extra time while your impatient little one wants to get moving.

• A back up plan. Depending on the time of year and the weather, there might a ton of parents with littles or just a few new friends. The good news is that none of the locations are that far from each other, and if you think one is too crowded, you can drive to another one.

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